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  • Holocaust Memorial Day

    ILGA-Europe and other organizations call each of us to fight against discrimination and to promote equality.

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  • Lesbian Emojis

    Kimberly Linn began post lesbian emojis on Instagram. 10,000 followers later, the application was launched.

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  • First Lesbian Surf Camp

    The company Brazil Ecojourneys is launching the first surf camp for LGBT women and their friends!

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Ruby Rose

Meet Ruby Rose

Meet "Orange Is The New Black's" Newest Inmate


Mademoiselle K Released Its New Album "Hungry Dirty Baby"

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The Most Streamed Song On Spotify In 2014

Spotify has announced that the most streamed song in 2014 is "Take Me To Church" by Irish singer Hozier, protesting against homophobia based on religion.

Girl/Girl Scene Is Back For Season 3

The series Girl/Girl Scene created by Tucky Williams is back for a third season and always with great drama, laughter and hot young lesbians.

Season 6 Of "Glee" #spoilers

The final season of Glee will start in a little less than a month and according to sources, marriage equality will be part of the subjects of this season.

Orange Is The New Black

Actress Lea DeLaria is preparing an album and she needs you.

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After a lesbian couple were thrown out of a café in Vienna for kissing in public, thousands of people gathered to protest and kissed.

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Prohibited From Driving

They ban transgender people in Russia from driving too ... It's sheer madness!!!

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The Religious Freedom Act

The Michigan House approved a bill that would allow discrimination of LGBT persons protected by religious belief.

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12,000 members of the lutheran church resign after their leader either welcomes the equal marriage law

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