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The Most Popularof the month

What was a rumor last week is now confirmed.

Indeed, last week, rumors of a relationship between actresses Kate Moennig and Evan Rachel Wood began to circulate on the internet, we did not yet know if it was just a rumor or the beginning of a great story.

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The two marvelous woman associated with the film "Heartland" are not only talented, and easy to talk to, they have also made one of the strongest female driven films in years.

Writer Velinda Godfrey and Director Maura Anderson sit down with us to talk movies, lesbians and the film "Heartland".

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Gillian Anderson had already revealed to have a relationship with another woman but without details.

On Sunday, during an interview, she talked about this woman she started to date in high school who meant a lot to her.

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The first lesbian festival held in Delhi while a few months ago homosexuality was criminalized again!

Organized by Gender Studies Group, the festival was an opportunity to highlight women's sexuality and marginalization of Indian lesbians.

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Rent controlled

Listen and Watch

Listen "Type Girl, Right Girl" by KIN4LIFEand Watch "Rent Controlled", The Hilarious Series Of Heather Dean.

Proud representatives of female rap, the band KIN4LIFE has just released a new video for its song "Type Girl, Right Girl."

"Rent Controlled" tells the story of Heather, a lesbian totally hopeless because her girlfriend just broke up with her the day after they move in together.

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Our Latest Victories

  • A Committee Of The House Approved A Bill To Protect LGBT People In Pennsylvania +

    The Judicial Committee of the House of Pennsylvania approved a bill that would include hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity in state law. Read More
  • Obama Administration Has Decided To Recognize Same-Sex Marriages In 7 states +

    On Friday, the Obama administration announced that it would recognize same-sex marriages in seven states. Read More
  • Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino Recognized The Marriage Of 16 Same-Sex Couples +

    The Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino decided to recognize the unions of 16 same-sex couples although Italy does not recognize marriage equality. Read More
  • Estonia Approved Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples +

    Finally some good news in Eastern Europe! Estonia has legalized civil unions for same-sex couples. Read More
  • The Marriage Equality Ban Was Repealed In Alaska +

    This week two major victories occurred in the United States and more specifically in Alaska and North Carolina. Read More
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The Most Fun

  • The Lesbian Film "Carol" Will Be Released In Fall 2015 +

    We now know that the highly anticipated lesbian movie "Carol," starring actresses Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, will be released in fall 2015. Read More
  • RED: The New Web Series With Talented And Beautiful Actresses That You Should Watch +

    When I first clicked the play button to start watching the Brazilian web series "Red" I didn't know what to expect, and when I finished I thought to myself not only do I want more. Read More
  • Marina Rice Bader Releases Exclusive Music Video For "Anatomy Of A Love Seen" +

    Out filmmaker Marina Rice Bader has released the exclusive music video for her hugely popular directorial debut “Anatomy of a Love Seen”. Read More
  • KIN4LIFE Released A New Video For Its Song "Type Girl, Right Girl" +

    Proud representatives of female rap, the band KIN4LIFE has just released a new video for its song "Type Girl, Right Girl." Read More
  • The Dinah Kicks Off Celebration Of Its 25th Anniversary: Celebrating 25 Years Of Changing Lives! +

    The legendary Dinah Shore Weekend, founded and produced by Mariah Hanson under her Club Skirts marquee, has officially commenced the six-months long celebration of its Silver Anniversary. Read More
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  • Members Of LGBT Association Of Macedonia Were Stoned In A Coffee Shop +

    While the LGBT Association of Macedonia celebrated its second anniversary in a coffee shop in Skopje, 30 masked people attacked members with stones and bottles. Read More
  • Denmark: A Lesbian Couple Was Harassed In Mariager City +

    Denmark is a rather very welcoming to the LGBT community country but there are exceptions like the city of Mariager where a lesbian couple was a victim of anti-gay harassment. Read More
  • The Daughter Of The Mayor Of Houston Has Had Trouble Getting Her Driver's License +

    This discrimination makes no sense because the daughter of the mayor of Houston was initially unable to pass her driver license because she has two mothers. Read More
  • A Priest From Hong Kong Allows Anti-Gay Speech But Prevents Pro-Equality People To Speak +

    A priest of the Hong Kong's Roman Catholic Cathedral gave permission for anti-gay speech from within his church. Read More
  • A Committee Of The Parliament Of Kyrgyzstan Approved The "Gay Propaganda" Ban +

    Today, October 9, the parliament of Kyrgyzstan will vote on the “gay propaganda”. Read More
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