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The Most Popularof the month

Gallup just released the list of the most pleasant countries where LGBT people love to live.

Let's look at Asia as the Philippines are ranked 22nd out of 123 countries and are the best in the Southeast Asia for the LGBT community.

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Miss Spain 2008 and 2013 and one of the candidates for Miss Universe in 2013, Patricia Yurena publicly made her coming out.

She published pictures of her and her girlfriend DJ Vanesa Cortes on Instagram and thanked her followers for their support.

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Showtime has announced the renewal of "Ray Donovan" with Kate Moennig and "Masters of Sex" for a third season!

These two series, whose second season is currently airing on Sundays, will return in 2015 with 12 new episodes.

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Award-winning writer/filmmaker Caryn K. Hayes is joining a host of other indie directors taking a stab at online distribution.

On August 22, Hayes will be releasing her acclaimed narrative short entitled “Clean Hands” as a digital download & streaming rental making the film directly available to her fans and lesbian cinephiles.

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The L Project
faith soloway

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The L Project and its new song "We're All Human" and episode one of Rolla Selbak new web series “Grrl’s Guide To Filmmaking”.

The L Project released a new single “We' re All Human” of which all the benefit of the sales will be donated to LGBT associations.

Straight from the writer’s room of the breakthrough series “Transparent”, Faith Soloway invites Rolla onto the Paramount lot where she walks us through the genius behind the writing, and sneaks us into a writer’s meeting.

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Our Latest Victories

  • Starkville, MS And Winston-Salem, NC To Offer More Benefits To Their LGBT Employees +

    Two new cities will provide more benefits to LGBT city employees. Read More
  • Colombia Allows The Adoption By The Partner Of The Biological Parent +

    Colombia has taken a major step for LGBT rights since the adoption of a child by the partner of the biological parent was given to same-sex couples! Read More
  • Italy Recognizes The Adoption Of A Child By The Partner Of The Biological Mother +

    For the first time, the Italian justice has recognized an adoption by the partner of the biological mother. Read More
  • The Mexican State Of Coahuila Legalized Equal Marriage! +

    A Mexican state just legalized equal marriage! Read More
  • Denmark Allows Trans* People To Change Their Gender On Official Documents Without Surgery +

    A law now allows Danish transg* people to have their real gender legally recognized, but it requires a "reflection period". Read More
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The Most Fun

  • "Xena" Star Lucy Lawless To Play A Lesbian Again In "Agents of SHIELDS" +

    Lucy Lawless, that we know of course for her role as the warrior princess “Xena”, will play a lesbian again in the season two of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”. Read More
  • Lezbelib Interview With Out Writer/Director Dominique Schilling +

    "A Reason" is a film that basically deals with the story of a familly, but that goes beyond that. Through the lesbian character Serena, Dominique Schilling wanted to encourage women and LGBT youth to find their way and to believe in their potential. Read More
  • "Ray Donovan" And "Masters of Sex" Are Renewed For A Third Season +

    Showtime has announced the renewal of "Ray Donovan" with Kate Moennig and "Masters of Sex" for a third season! Read More
  • To Read Harry Potter Makes People More Gay-Friendly +

    Studies have shown that reading has a beneficial effect on us and a recent study shows that reading Harry Potter would make people more gay-friendly. Read More
  • Award-Winning Filmmaker Caryn K. Hayes Releases Lesbian-Themed Short Film "Clean Hands" Online +

    Award-winning writer/filmmaker Caryn K. Hayes is joining a host of other indie directors taking a stab at online distribution. Read More
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  • The Bakery "The Cake Pros" In Schuylkill Haven, PA Discriminates Against Lesbians +

    After a bridal store, here is now the owner of the bakery "The Cake Pros" who refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Read More
  • Greeting Cards Celebrating Equal Marriage Have Been Removed From The Brigham Young University Bookstore +

    Greeting cards celebrating the equal marriage have disappeared from Brigham Young University bookstore in Salt Lake City. Read More
  • Two Lesbians Are Fighting To Be Recognized As The Mothers Of Their Children In Taiwan +

    Two lesbian mothers sued the Taiwanese government after the latter has not recognized them as legal guardians of their children. Read More
  • The U.S. Supreme Court Puts Hold On Virginia Marriage Equality +

    The U.S. Supreme Court decided to postpone the decision of a Court of Appeal repealing the ban on marriage equality in Virginia. Read More
  • The Indian Government Wants To Ban Adoption By Same-Sex Couples +

    After the Supreme Court of India has criminalized homosexuality again in December 2013, the government wants to ban adoption by same-sex couples. Read More
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