• "Io E Lei": A Lesbian Romantic Comedy From Italia

    The lesbian romantic comedy of Maria Sole Tognazzi «io e lei» (She and I) is available!

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  • "New Deep South", A Web Series On Queer Youth

    The Front is a new media platform which opens today launching «New Deep South», a web series which highlights queer people from southern United States.

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Vice President Joe Biden Supports LGBT Rights And Expects The Opening Of The Military To Trans* People

United States
US Vice President Joe Biden said he supports equal marriage and the legislation to protect LGBT people. He would also protect lesbian and gay immigrants and expressed support for the opening of the military to transgender people.
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Just before the start of the new school year, a five-year-old girl was expelled from kindergarten at a school in San Diego under the pretext that she has two moms.
A couple of women arrested «for being a lesbian couple», will undergo a «rehabilitation» in Indonesia..
After serving her prison sentence, the LGBTphobe Clerk of Kentucky, Kim Davis, tried again to get permission to discriminate against same-sex couples. REQUEST DENIED!
This took time but that's it, marriage licenses were modified in Florida to follow the legalization of marriage equality across all 50 states..
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One Of The Most Popular Characters From The TV Series "Neighbours" Will Soon Have A Relationship With A Woman

One of the most popular characters in «Neighbours», Steph Scully, will not only return to the series in a regular role but will have a relationship with a woman named Belinda.
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