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The Most Popularof the month

Gillian Anderson had already revealed to have a relationship with another woman but without details.

On Sunday, during an interview, she talked about this woman she started to date in high school who meant a lot to her.

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The first lesbian festival held in Delhi while a few months ago homosexuality was criminalized again!

Organized by Gender Studies Group, the festival was an opportunity to highlight women's sexuality and marginalization of Indian lesbians.

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Rowers from the University of Warwick get naked to help the fight against cancer.

You could not miss it!

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We can definitely say that "Orange Is The New Black" has changed her life since the writer Lauren Morelli has not only realized she was lesbian working on writing stories of the series, but she has also came out and divorced her husband.

Now here she is living love's dream with the actress Samira Wiley, who plays the role of Poussey in this series.

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Redleg Husky
Kate Moennig Ray Donovan

Listen and Watch

Redleg Husky's first album and new webisode with Kate Moennig.

Misa Giroux and her band “Redleg Husky” are currently touring after the release of their first album "Carolina".

If you missed the webisode that accompanied episode 10 of Season 2 of Ray Donovan or just for fun to see the actress Kate Moennig playing, here it is!

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Our Latest Victories

  • The Equal Marriage Was Upheld In Idaho And Nevada +

    Monday, 5 states legalized marriage equality. Today, others have been added to the list! Read More
  • Chilean Senate Approved Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples +

    The Chilean Senate has approved the bill Life Partner that allows same-sex couples to have a marital status. Read More
  • The Supreme Court Of The United States Has Legalized Marriage Equality In 5 States! +

    The Supreme Court refused to hear five cases of equal marriage which resulted to legalize marriage equality in these five states which are Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin! Read More
  • Gov. Jerry Brown Signed A Law For LGBT Business Owners +

    A new law will allow more protection and opportunities for LGBT business owners in California. Read More
  • 73% Of French Want To Keep The Marriage Equality Law +

    A new poll shows that UMP activists do not share all the same opinion that their political leaders. Read More
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The Most Fun

  • Sarah Silverman May Be Back In Season 3 Of "Masters Of Sex" +

    We just learned that the character of Helen, played by actress Sarah Silverman, might still be in the new season. Read More
  • Lezbelib Interview With Alice Derock, Founder Of The Lesbian Sex Toys Company "Wet For Her" +

    Alice Derock answered our questions and tells us more about "Wet For Her" and the current hit sex toy "Fusion". Read More
  • EDEN Pacific Northwest Offers Fun In The Sand And Sun +

    Women are heading to the beach in the Pacific Northwest for a weekend getaway filled with laughter and plenty of activities at EDEN Pacific Northwest, October 2 - 5. Read More
  • New TV Series "Gotham" Includes A Lesbian Character +

    The new TV series "Gotham", aired from September 22 in the United States on FOX and which will premiere in the month of October on Channel 5 in the UK, has a lesbian character! Read More
  • Rowers From The University Of Warwick Are Back Naked For A Good Cause! +

    Rowers from the University of Warwick get naked to help the fight against cancer. You could not miss it! Read More
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  • A Committee Of The Parliament Of Kyrgyzstan Approved The "Gay Propaganda" Ban +

    Today, October 9, the parliament of Kyrgyzstan will vote on the “gay propaganda”. Read More
  • House Committee On Veterans' Affairs Rejected An Equal Benefits Bill +

    The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs rejected a bill that would have allowed spouses of veterans to receive benefits and more. Read More
  • Greek Government Delayed The Law Of Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples +

    Despite the pressure of population and of the European Court, the Greek government will delay the legislation that will allow civil unions for same-sex couples. Read More
  • "Aggravated Homosexuality" Bill To Be Enacted In Gambia +

    A law that would tighten the anti-gay legislation in effect is likely to be promulgated by the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh. Read More
  • The Bakery "The Cake Pros" In Schuylkill Haven, PA Discriminates Against Lesbians +

    After a bridal store, here is now the owner of the bakery "The Cake Pros" who refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Read More
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