Lesbian Movie "Carol" To Debut At The 2015 Cannes Film Festival

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  • Trans* Youth

    Three new documentaries on trans* children and youth have been ordered by Channel 4.

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  • Lesbian Short Film

    "Life In Colors", A Short Film On A Clandestine Love Affair Between Two Women

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  • "Made For Modern Families"

    British Clothing Brand "Matalan" Launches Its New Campaign Featuring Lesbian Moms And A Gay Couple.

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big boo season 3

The New Trailer For Season 3 Of "Orange Is The New Black"

A new trailer for season 3 of «Orange Is The New Black» was released by Netflix while this 13-episode season is expected for June 12.


Out Folky Acoustic Pop Singer Georgia Paterson Released Her Debut EP

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Orange Is The New Black

The ladies of Litchfield sing «Don't Talk To Me» by Tre Coast featuring Lycia Faith.

Star Wars

As the author Paul S. Kemp announced, a lesbian character will be featured in the next Star Wars novel «Lords of the Sith», which is scheduled for April 28.

But, How Do You Have Sex?

Series creators Jason Leaver and Nadine Bell premiere a teaser trailer for their next web series project: «But, How Do You Have Sex?».


OlaGirls has announced that actress Ruby Rose, which will debut June 12 in the series «Orange Is The New Black», confirmed her coming to the festival.

north dakota

North Dakota

Legislators have rejected a bill that would have allowed protections against discrimination.

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steve beshear


KY Gov. thinks that banning equal marriage is not discriminatory because a straight person cannot marry a same-sex person too.

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mike pence

«You’re an a-hole»

Governor Pence called the idea that the law enables gay people to face discrimination «completely false.»

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police raid

Police Raid

It took Vitaly Milonov time to identify them before to take revenge by organizing a police raid.

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