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Deputy Labor Leader Tania Plibersek Reintroduced Her Marriage Equality Bill In The Parliament

Knowing that her bill will be immediately rejected and probably not even debated, the Deputy Labor leader Tania Plibersek still reintroduced her bill to legalize equal marriage to the Australian parliament.
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OlaGirls Lauched Lesbian Getaways And Arranges To Meet You In The Most Beautiful Cities

Here is OlaGirls, the new lesbian getaways developed by lesbians for worldwide lesbians and bisexual women since this year, in addition to Barcelona, there will also be Lisbon and Budapest.
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Boxx: The New Web Series That Highlights The Queer Community

Queer Series
Boxx is a new queer webseries that follows the lives of two black trans artists in the creation of a documentary about their lives.
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Tegan And Sara's New Album To Be Released On June 3

"Love You To Death"
Three years after the release of their previous album "Heartthrob" and after two compilations of remixes, Tegan and Sara are preparing to release their new album called "Love You To Death" on June 3.
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