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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 21:16

Taipei Recognizes Same-Sex Unions

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Taipei City Government finally agreed to recognize same-sex unions by allowing them to officially register their partnership.

pitcairn island



We just learned the great news! Pitcairn Island, which is the smallest country in the world because it includes only 48 inhabitants, has legalized marriage equality on May 15. They just share the news on the official website of the country.

australia good




Support for marriage equality in Australia reached a new record, according to an online survey conducted by Fairfax/Ipsos.



Like in the United States, LGBT couples and their lawyers have challenged equal marriage bans first in their states before their cases are sent to the Supreme Court of Mexico which has just recognized them as unconstitutional. This decision had the effect of legalizing marriage equality in the country!




Despite the pressure of Christian organizations and despite the police ban, the LGBT community of Seoul decided to maintain the organization of the Gay Pride scheduled for late June.

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