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In Argentina, all hormonal treatments and surgical sex reassignment operations are now free for trangender people.

Sunday, 07 June 2015 21:19

Guam Now Recognizes The Equal Marriages!

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Guam became the first American territory to recognize same-sex marriage.

australian labor party

Yesterday, I informed you that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused a referendum on equal marriage. It seems that according to the Australian laws, a referendum cannot be organized if it concerns a legislative change, it has to be a constitutional change.

Also, and this is good news, the Labor Party has decided not to wait until the year-end session to introduce its marriage equality bill in parliament. No, they will submit it next week!

Tony Abbott



After the legalization of marriage equality with a referendum in Ireland, many other countries would also be able to organize a referendum on the issue like Australia. For several years now, we know, through numerous polls, that Australians are in favor of equal marriage. But Prime Minister Tony Abbott said again that there would be no referendum on equal marriage in Australia.

pam renouf nicole white


Pam Renouf and Nicole White, a lesbian couple from Newfoundland in Canada that prepares their marriage, were very shocked to learn the other day that the owner of a jewelry store where they ordered an engagement ring now displays an anti-equal marriage sign.

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