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Thursday, 08 December 2011 18:23

Australian Gay And Lesbian Couples Can Marry Overseas

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While waiting for the marriage in Australia, the government made a small effort by removing the ban which prevented gay and lesbian couples to marry overseas.

The Labor party is from now on supporting gay marriage since a vote a few days ago during the conference of the party which is currently held in Perth, and even if its leader is opposed to it.


It is during this conference thus that the Labor party, by the means of Attorney General Robert McClelland, decided the law was going to change.

"Many gay and lesbians Australians travel overseas to marry because they can’t marry here, but when they discover the Australian Government won’t give them the required paperwork, weddings plans have to be cancelled and the partners concerned continue to experience the legal and social disadvantages of not being able to marry,"  Australian Marriage Equality Campaign Director, Rodney Croome, said.

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