Thursday, 26 January 2012 16:26

Investigation On Zulu King Anti-Gay Remarks

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A few days ago, during a speech, the king of Zulus qualified gays and lesbians to be "putrefied". Following these remarks, Human Rights Commission launched an investigation in order to know if it is really what he said or if it is a bad translation.


To try to defend himself, the king claims the translation of his words is false. The words which were translated by the Times are the following ones:
"Traditionally, there were no people who engaged in same-sex relationships. There was nothing like that and if you do it, you must know that you are rotten. I don't care how you feel about it ... same sex is not acceptable."


Spokesperson Prince Mbonisi Zulu told the Sapa news agency that "at no stage did His Majesty condemn gay relations or same relations." For him, the king as referring to cases of male rape as a sign of moral decay.

The Zulus live mainly in South Africa but the constitution of this country is clear: no discrimination based on sexual orientation even if, as remainds the BBCBBC, homophobia is widespread and gay people complain they are often attacked in this country.

South African president Jacob Zuma on the other hand wants to stop discriminations against LGBT people.