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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 18:26

Zambia And Zimbabwe Won't Change Their Laws To Protect LGBT

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After Ghana which will not legalize homosexuality as one has learned it yesterday, it is now Zambia and Zimbabwe to declare that their countries will not work on LGBT rights laws to receive British financial aid.


Government minister Given Lubinda said that Zambia would issue only laws supported by its citizens and in accordance with their culture.

He said: "David Cameron must be reminded of what we agreed when we met in Paris for the Paris Declaration. When we met in Ghana, we came up with the Accra Agenda for Action and both those declarations are that no country will use its aid to influence the policies of an aid receiving country."

He added during an interview on a radio of Zambia that Cameron should not "try and use aid as a way of influencing policies and laws of Zambia. Zambia will not be pressured to formulate laws or policies by any foreign government."

In Zimbabwe, even if there is a few days the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said that gay rights are "human rights", a leader of a political party said that there will be "zero" actions to protect LGBT rights.

He said: "If you look at the constitution data today, the people said no to protecting gay rights and I think chances are zero."

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