Thursday, 04 October 2012 22:23

Ukraine Adopted The Gay "Propaganda" Law




I have already written about the gay "propaganda" law which was adopted in the city of St. Petersburg at the beginning of the year. A few months later, we found that Ukraine was also interesting to get the same kind of legislation. Unfortunately, what we feared happened, the Ukrainian parliament voted in favor of this legislation.


A few days ago, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the law prohibiting "ex-gay" therapies to youth. Even if this law is not yet rather complete because it only prohibits state-licensed therapists and not other organizations like christian organizations, a Christian group decided to challenge the ban. For this group, the law is unconstitutional.


One continues our series of TV ads promoting marriage equality in Washington with these two new videos.


A new poll in Rhode Island shows that a majority of voters supports marriage equality.

Tuesday, 02 October 2012 16:27

Northern Ireland Rejected Marriage Equality

northern ireland

A bill allowing the marriage for gay and lesbian couples was rejected in Northern Ireland.

Jerry Brown

There remained nothing any more but the signature of Governor Jerry Brown so that the law prohibiting "reparative therapies" to minors is completely voted and it is from now done.


A few months ago, the President of Malawi Joyce Banda wanted to repeal the law which criminalizes homosexuality urging the Parliament to overturn it but it was a few months ago.


The situation worsens for Gigi Chao. Yesterday, I reported you the fact that her father Cecil Chao, rich businessman of Honk Kong, had passed an announcement to find a husband for his lesbian daughter by promising $64 million to the man who will succeed in courting her. Then Nigeria, don't ask me why, relayed the news by adding £40 million.

 jon huntsman

Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah at the origin of the civil unions in the state, said that everybody should have a right to "equality under the law" in United-States but states should decide how to deal with marriage equality.

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