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The Lez Review - A Pouring Through by Dee Renee Smith

Written by  Spoken Pandora

image112 I have always been a fan poetry. The freedom it represents has a way of speaking to me. I don’t get into the formalities of it all because personally I think that the style is individual to the writer.

To fore-warn you, this column will never focus on the rules imposed on writer’s by critics who have never known what it’s like to be tortured by the need to write. This column is for those who understand what it is like to live off of pots of coffee, bottles of wine, chain smoking and one hour of sleep.

With this in mind my first review will be on an up and coming poet, Dee Renee Smith and her book A Pouring Through.

I was drawn in from the first page, getting lost in her usage of descriptive verbiage, lower cased “i”s and weighted words.

What makes her different from any other poet?

Simple, she exposes herself on paper in a way that leaves one feeling the need to strip down their preconceived notions of what literature is supposed to be. Her writing forces us to face emotion, explore our feelings, and weep without regard to who sees us.

Dee Renee Smith has found a way to tap into the bloodstream and exploit the feelings we pretend don’t exist.

You know that feeling you get that travels down the back of your neck and rolls down your spine making you shiver? Her truth does the same thing. Her flow grabs a hold of your spirit and feeds off of your inner most thoughts.

She captures you with a slight of hand, a twist of a word, and a simple complex thought.

 Don’t just take my word for it, you be the judge:

The Friend After Hour 2:

I made her hate me because I wanted her

 I wanted to possess her the way she possessed me

from that first postcard

whose hypnotic words and script

caught and kept me read

to our last meeting in The Cut

when tact and truth sharing

left me frigid and forlorn

I wanted to commit to her and be kept

seems like she always talked about length

the amount of time that people stuck around

after The Cut killed that fuzzy feeling

I saw that she thought very little about our time

and the commitment i wanted with her

so, I decided to leave her paralyzed

I wanted to destroy her

kill her ability to feel

so that memories of me

would leave her too numb to love again

and when I couldn’t continue to entertain thoughts

of my pain-inspired assault

I skipped town

and slipped that pivotal disc

that has left her immobile for 3 years

For that, she has hated me

now, years later

and a day after I destroyed an altar

that was built with potent, inescapable memories of us

and was covered with multiple pieces of me

that had been burned and offered multiple times

and was surrounded by multiple, defaced effigies of her

she called me

gave me 2 cleansing yet fleeting hours

and said that after working through some things

she think she's ready to talk again.


That piece took me into her thoughts and allowed me to see through her eyes. And it only gets better. A Pouring Through is filled with pages and pages of floetic beauty. Be sure to grab your copy today.

Dee Renee Smith can be reached by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please also take a moment to check out her two websites, A Pouring ThroughA Pouring Through and Replenishing WordsReplenishing Words.

A Pouring Through can be purchased on LM WritesLM Writes and on Amazon in paperback and KindleAmazon in paperback and Kindle.

Happy reading and I hope you enjoy the work of Dee Renee Smith as much as I enjoyed writing about and reading her book, A Pouring Through.

Please leave your comments below and feel free to pass along titles you've been curling up to lately.

Til we meet again Sweets I'm signing off,

Spoken Pandora