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Monday, 02 April 2012 17:34

Albania To Organize Its First Gay Pride

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Next month, Albania will organize its first Gay Pride in spite of a very strong opposition.

"May 17 will be a special day ... the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) flag will be raised for the first time in Tirana," Altin Hazizaj of the Pink Embassy organisation said in a statement.

Just after the announcement of the Gay Pride, Albania's deputy defense minister and the leader of the royalist party, Ekrem Spahiu, said: "My only commentary on this gay parade is that they should be beaten with truncheons."

According to AFP, following this remark, LGBTQ organizations will fill a complaint: "This is a call to violence, and we will ask through our lawyers that Spahiu be convicted, in accordance with Albanian law, to a prison sentence of up to five years," Kristi Pinderi spokesman for a gay anti-discrimination organisation said.

In 2010, a law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual preference was adopted even if Albania remains a very homophobe country.


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