Monday, 31 October 2011 18:24

Belgian Lesbian Vice-Principal Quits

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Do you remember this story of the Belgian lesbian vice-principal pushed to leave the school where she worked because of homophobe student riots which had shocked us? (A Lesbian Pushed By Students To Quit Her Job In Belgium)

When it happened, I didn't known yet if she decided to quit or not and well, Eliane, as we will call her, decided to quit of course.

Of course because how could she come back in this so-homophobe school?

She told that following a flight of money and the search that, at the beginning, she did not want to do but that the students absolutely wanted, she thought "that the incident was closed" as reports Care2Care2. But then, the students had struck asking the resignation of the "perverse lesbian" Vice-Principal.

"The director asked me to take refuge and go through the back door after 33-year career," said Eliane weeping.

It would seem that it is not the first time there are homophobe acts in this school.

According to Yagg, last year, another gay teacher at the school had already been the subject of homophobic abuse from another teacher. She had to complain and come up with a lawyer so that management would take it seriously. After a year of suspension, that teacher is returning to the school later this month.

The real perpetrators of violence at the Institute of the Daughters of Mary are not necessarily the students, but those who, directly or indirectly, have stirred up hatred against a young teacher whose only crime in their view is not to be heterosexual.

Anyway, I hope that it will not remain without an investigation.