Monday, 03 October 2011 18:04

Belgrade Gay Pride Was Banned By Authorities

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Finally, the Gay Pride of Belgrade didn't take place Sunday as planned. After 4 months of preparation, the organizers were informed a few hours before it starts by the authorities that the Gay pride was prohibited.

During a press conference, Goran Miletic said authorities “capitulated in front of hooligans” who threatened to put the city at fire and blood.

“What does that mean? That means our country is not able to protect us! […] Today it is against us, but tomorrow that could be well against any minority,” said a woman.

Mina Pejic does not remain less combative about it: “The authorities can prohibit us to rally, but certainly not to make us invisible!”

And for proof: just after the press conference, a few tens of people went in the street, stopped the trafic, show a pink banner saying "Love. Normal" and after a few minutes, threw painting on the ground, rainbow colors of course, which surprised the police officers, who was there to secure the meeting.

Organizers said they will file a complaint to the court of Serbia and, if needed, to the European court of the human rights.

If 4 months were not sufficient to prepare the Gay Pride according to the authorities and well, this time, the organizers will start to prepare it one year in advance and it starts this week.

“One of the explanations which was given to us is that the authorities have lack of time to make the Gay Pride safety", said Boban, "and whereas one began the negotiations with the police there are four months! This time, we start with one year in advance: that will be an argument of less the next year…”