Wednesday, 23 November 2011 19:16

Conservatives Won Elections In Spain

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Spanish legislative elections have took place and results are not good for the LGBT community. Partido Popular, the conservative party, indeed won and its leader, Mariano Rojoy, became the new chief of the government and leader of a conservative majority which could repeal the law allowing gay marriage.

Foro de la Familia (Forum of the family), very powerful catholic organization and closed to the party, said: "As serious as the economic and structural issues that Spain faces, there are also all the elements destabilizing our society, born from the last laws and policies, who destroy our families" talking about gay marriage and abortion.

Despite everything, Rojoy, even if he is opposed to gay marriage and more precisely to the use of the word 'marriage', did not say either that he would repeal it once elected. Moreover, there are several members of the party and certain future ministers, who are gay and married or in favor of the law. Remain to see Rajoy's decision.

"Rajoy says that he will listen to the society," said Augustin Lopez, president of Cogam association, "But which society? The one which is conservative or the one which supports LGBT rights? According to studies, 70% of the Spanish population are favorable to gay marriage. If he wants to listen to the society, here is its answer!"

The Federation of LGBT groups (FELGBT) has informed Rajoy that "the absolute majority is not a blank check to remove rights as the one which allows the marriage between same-sex people (...) Rajoy wants to work for all the Spanish. We remind to him that three million of them are lesbian, gay, transsexual or bisexual."

A demonstration to defend gay marriage will take place on December 6th.