Thursday, 15 March 2012 23:04

Contact The President Of Malta To Push Gay And Lesbian Relationships Recognition

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A few day ago, I spoke about a possible recognition of gay and lesbian relationships in Malta. I just learn it is possible to send a message to the President. A good means of putting pressure whereas the government has to study the question.

It is very simple, you can send a message by a website.

Which are the fundamental points not to forget in our message:

  • - Of course equality, discrimination

But we contact politics people so especially not to forget the economic aspect:

  • - People marry elsewhere so Malta lost a lot of money
  • - One saw each time a country pass gay marriage, the percentage of tourism rised (+3% in Argentina in the first year)
  • - The LGBT community has a purchasing power superior to straight people (+30%)
  • - An European research reveals that gay consumers can offer marketers a new and steady revenue source at a time when the overall market is slowing" (source:

Ready, fingers on your keyboard, contact: President of MaltaPresident of Malta

(Thanks Liz for the information)