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Tuesday, 09 August 2011 15:44

Czech Republic's President Does Not Understand The Gay Pride

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In Czech Republic, Petr Hájek, a scientist, is opposed to the Gay Pride of Prague and regards the gays and lesbians as "deviating citizens", anti-gay remarks that President Vaclav Klaus supports.

For the Czech Republic's president, the word "deviating" is not pejorative.

Moreover, President Klaus, in an official statement, states that: "Although the declarations of Petr Hájek were not mine and I would have perhaps used different words, I do not see either which pride you can have to organize a gay pride".

"It is a thing to tolerate such an event, but it is another thing to grant its support to it, in particular when this support comes from a public institution", he said because Bohuslav Svoboda, the Mayor of Prague, supported the organization of the Gay Pride in Prague.

"Homosexuality is a relatively restricted phenomenon and if it deserves to be considered, we does not have therefore to eulogize it," he added.

The Mayor of Prague, despite the remarks of his own political party, reaffirmed his support for the Gay Pride and does not accept classification by sexual orientation or other:

"The past shows us that such a classification is pernicious."

The first Gay Pride of Prague will take place on August 13th and will be held over 5 days.

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