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Thursday, 03 November 2011 18:23

France Said No To Benefits For Gays And Lesbians

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The bad news continue in France, after the rejection of gay marriage, the Parliament decided that gays and lesbians in a civil union will not receive benefits if their partner dies.

Valérie Pécresse, Minister for the budget, thus clearly said: "We do not want to extend this right" which would cost, according to her, "7.8 billion euros per full year."
Quantify that Nicolas Gougain, spokesperson of Inter-LGBT, announced rather around "5 billion […]If all the civil unions ended tomorrow in the death of one of the partner and if all could profit from this benefit!" in short, a stupidity, the married widowers would cost 8 annual billion but it doesn't seem to be an issue because, of course, French married people will not die all in the same time.

Moreover Pécresse explains it very well, "it is not for reasons of cost and budget that we do not want to extend this right", she says to the Parliament, "it is for reasons of principle. The civil union is not a contract of the same nature as the marriage. It comprises much less duties and obligations of solidarity between the partners. In particular, the rupture of a civil union is much simpler than in a marriage, and there is not (after the rupture) an obligation of solidarity which makes the characteristic of the marriage. Consequently, less duties means less rights. Therefore we reserve the right to the widow survivor's  benefit to the surviving spouses of a policy-holder deceased (married)."

Except that we do not have all the right to marry so less rights, less equality.

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