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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 16:23

Hollande vs Aubry: Who Really Support Gay Marriage?

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Whereas Jean-Louis Borlo, who supports gay marriage, announced that he would not be candidate to the presidential elections of 2012 in France, it would seem François Hollande, another candidate, is not so supporting gay marriage and adoption for gay and lesbian couples such as he said it.

He said in the buildings of the newspaper Libération: "Attention, it will not be so simple to pass these laws", speaking about marriage and adoption for gays.
He added it would need first of all "a necessary change of mentality" of French to pass these laws, except that a study already showed that French were favorable to gay marriage.

The spokesperson of Martine Aubry has reacted: "With political will, a favorable public opinion, where would be blockings?"

As a result, Holland rectified his remarks and said from now, the opening of the marriage to same-sex couples will be part of the first laws adopted if the PS wins the presidential elections.

In an interview with the magazine Têtu, it seems that Aubry will pass gay marriage in France for sure.
"Women's rights like gay rights will be always called into question during difficult periods. There will be necessary to stay vigilant, even if the society advances. I will defend these topics during the campaign, and if I am elected, I will engage them in a determined way, from the first year," she said.

Hollande, in an interview with the same magazine, seems to have a reserve denouncing a problem with the gouvernment.

So one day, he says the problem comes from French and an other day, the problem comes from the government?

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