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September 23rd, Outing In Italia?

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An Italian gay militant threatens to reveal the homosexuality of all the deputies who voted against the anti-homophobia law.

September 23rd, 10 AM
That's what is written on the blog of Aurelio Mancuso and that corresponds to the date of the deputies' outing. He explained that he will say publicly "the gay practice, or other different sexualities, of famous and influential people."

"We decided that to render clearly comprehensible that the rules of hypocrisy and discrimination are in force in the Italian Parliament. There are many of other politicians of which we know the true sexual orientation, from all the parties, but currently we are limited to publish a list of those who voted against the law on homophobia.'
But the militant prevents: several lists will be able to follow, made up of other politicians, but also of ecclesiastics high-placed, or stars of the spectacle and television. It would seem that he has a list of a hundred names.

Openly lesbian member of Parliament, Paola Concia, describes this act like "an extreme remedy, which is born from an irrefutable fact, gay Italians, citizens without rights".

The deputy of the Democratic party points out moreover that this practice is rather usual in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Of course, we don't know if if he will do it. There remain three days.