Tuesday, 03 April 2012 16:03

Survey : Participate In The European LGBT Survey

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For the first time, a survey on the LGBTQ community is launched in all Europe.

The European Union Agency For Fundamental RightsEuropean Union Agency For Fundamental Rights hopes to study discriminations, if one feels accepted, if we think our government defends sufficiently our rights,….

This survey is online since yesterday and you can submit your answers until the end of June. It is opened to all homosexual, bisexual and trans people living in the 27 countries of the European Union, including the population of Croatia. This survey is anonymous.

At the end of the year, it will be submitted to the European Council. To be sure it is taken seriously, GallupGallup, a professional survey institute, is in charge of the survey and not LGBT organizations.

As Elizabeth Ronzier of S.O.S Homophobia France said: "If you want that your situation improves, that governements are interested in it, help them to have an objective picture of the situation […]. Answer the survey and push the governments to face up to their responsibilities."

Make your experience count! - European LGBT Survey