Wednesday, 10 May 2017 15:45

A couple of lesbian penguins adopted a baby

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lesbian penguins and chick


A penguin egg found itself without parents after his father abandoned his biological mother. Telma and Louise, a couple of lesbian penguins, took over.

You have to know that penguins need to be two to care for their baby: one heats the egg while the other goes for food and then, after a few days, they reverse.

Zookeepers at the Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium in New Zealand know that they have a lesbian couple of penguins, Telma and Louise, so they decided to give them the egg. All happy to adopt a baby, they have recently become mothers of a little female.

"They absolutely love having a chick to take care of," zookeeper Ebony Dwipayana said.

"Obviously they’re not able to have their own, so the fact that they can still raise a healthy chick is amazing for them, and is such a beautiful experience to share."

A journalist who visited the zoo during the international penguin day revealed this beautiful story so we have the video of Thelma, Louise and their little chick.

Watch the video