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Lezbelib Interview With Rachael Cantu

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I remember the first time that I heard the voice of Rachael Cantu. I was watching the music vlog of Meghan Toohey on Youtube and there was this girl named Rachael who was invited. Suddenly, a kind of video clip starts in which Rachael starts to sing. "Woua…" I can tell you, it was a slap in the face for me by hearing her voice and since, I am a big fan! 

Rachael Cantu has just released her new album 'Far and Wide'. The occasion for me to meet her and the occasion for you to discover this singer with the unforgettable voice.

rachael cantu 1 Lezbelib: Can you tell us a little bit about your new CD? What's your "favorite" song? And can you explain us why?

Rachael: The new CD came out of years of songs, old and new. It went through many "business" processes and growths. I parted ways from my old label, learned many lessons, and followed some amazing advice to work with the amazing Futcher (producer, engineer, mixer) in Vancouver. From there, everything happened pretty fast and painless. I spent a week in Vancouver, recording, had some amazing players put their stamp on my music and that was that. It was all good vibes, hard work, mutual respect and fun! Of course, I don't have a favorite song. I honestly love every song equally and I'm very excited for everyone else to feel the same way.


Lezbelib: You have a song called 'Devil's Thunder', produced by Meghan Toohey, did you always work with producers or are you also producing some of your songs?

Rachael: I worked with Meghan because she was a friend of mine, not because she is a producer. She just happens to be a fabulous producer, so I got lucky with that project. I never go into a recording with a producer in mind. The role usually happens by default. I can only do so much. I have some ideas, but the recordings end up being a very collaborative effort. You will see on the new record "Far and Wide" it was produced and engineered by Futcher (in Vancouver) and he had some amazing ideas and did an amazing job of producing. The players on the record are also just as responsible for the parts they play on the record.

Lezbelib: And what has been your songwriting process? Did you begin with the melody, with the song?

Rachael: No process really...whatever comes first, I just go with it.

Lezbelib: We have a lot of european members on, do you plan to play in Europe, soon or later?

Rachael: I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to play in Europe. It all depends on the European fans spreading the word around. There needs to be a demand for me over there, amongst other things. Because I'm an independent artists it's much harder for me to get places. I have no label behind me offering the tour support to get me places. It's all up to me...and you. It's all up to everyone that buys the records. Spread the word, buy the record and I'll tour everywhere!

Lezbelib: You recently toured with B.B. King, how was the first meeting with him and how was the tour?

Rachael: My first time meeting BB King was our third show together. I went up to him as they were wheeling him out to the bus and said, "Hi, I'm Rachael, I've been opening for you" and he said something to the effect of "Hey! Why didn't you come say hi sooner!". But, what he doesn't realize is that he's not that accessible. Everyone and their mother tries to say hi to him as they take him to the bus.  I've since toured with him twice and am going on my third tour with him in January. He's very gracious and thanks me by name on stage every night, even pulled me up on stage and hugged me one night. His band and crew have been with him many, many years and they treat me very well. They are all very supportive of me. They've even asked for my music so they can listen to it on their long bus rides, etc. I couldn't be more grateful and humbled by it all.

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Lezbelib: So you this year, you made an EP "Rachael Cantu", you toured with B.B King, you're still doing concerts in United-States and your new album "Far And Wide" will be realeased on November 17 (digital) and on November 24 (physical), what will happen then for you in 2010?

Rachael: I hope to tour everywhere, keep writing and meeting new amazing people along the way. I will not stop. Just expect more and more and more and more.   

Lezbelib: Who are the bands that you're currently listening?

Rachael: Karen O's "Where the Wild Things Are" soundtrack, Swell Season, La Roux, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, and FUN. Those are a few records I've been going back and forth between.

Lezbelib: Thanks for accepting this interview with us. To finish is there anything else you'd want people to know about you?

Rachael: Thanks to all the fans for supporting a little independent artist such as myself. It's not always easy for me, but I never want to stop because of all the love and support I receive. Thanks guys!

Each song is a pleasure like Devil's Thunder which sounds like gospel music. This album is really positive and was produced by Futcher from The Be Good Tanyas, Tegan Quin, Megan Hooney, ...

far and wide rachael cantu

The CD is now available in a digital or physical version at:

You can listen to more Rachael's songs on MySpace:

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