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Monday, 02 June 2014 00:27

70% Of LGBT Students Bullied In Japan

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A survey, conducted by Inochi Risupekuto Howaito Ribon Kyanpen, a group based in Tokyo which fights against the suicide of LGBTQ people, shows that 70% of people known as belonging to a sexual minority in Japan, and in particular to the LGBT community, were victims of bullying in school and 30% even thought to commit suicide.




In spite of discriminations, LGBT people are more and more accepted in the Philippines.





The inheritance laws will evolve in Israel to apply to the same-sex couples. 

Chile Movilh



The metro stations of Santiago, the capital of Chile, greet a campaign aiming at showing the LGBT community in the hope of a better acceptance. 





A new area of Mexico will allow the same-sex couples to marry.