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Tony Abbott



A group of high school students from Newtown High School in Australia have had the opportunity of meeting Prime Minister Tony Abott, the occasion to ask him why is he opposed to the legalization of marriage equality?



Ugandan LGBT activists of the group 'Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law' continue to fight for their rights and that, even if some were forced to move and to take refuge in other countries.

Angelica Lozano



For the first time in Colombia and even in all South America, a lesbian was elected to the Congress.



Lately, we speak about Africa by sharing bad news about Nigeria and Uganda but there are also, fortunately, some good news like this initiative to create a lesbian feminist group in Namibia.

Tuesday, 04 March 2014 19:29

Hong Kong Lawmakers To Discuss Gender Bill

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Hong Kong


From March 19, lawmakers in Hong Kong will start to discuss a law which would allow a gender recognition without undergoing reassignment surgery and which would also allow marriage for transgender people.