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Saturday, 04 June 2011 15:24

Grey's Anatomy Recap 7.20 - White Wedding

Written by  ElleGrrrl



I know, I know, this is more than a long time coming. Good news? I'm finally done with school, so I can devote all of my time to keeping you updated on lesbian TV! What's that? Grey's is over for the season? True, but I have a sneaking suspicion you'll enjoy my new assignment just as much (if not more) and, as an apology for my untimely tardiness, I offer up the following lovely display of our favorite couple. Yes, other things happened in this episode, but we can get to those in the next post. For now, please accept my apology along with this beautiful display of love, pride, and devotion:



(My mother is a photographer and I can't help myself when it comes to wedding collages)


So, what do you say? Will you accept my apology, ladies?

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