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South Korean Lesbian Drama Schocked

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Daughters of Club Bilitis


In South Korea, the first episode of a lesbian series was broadcasted on a TV channel and all the country was shocked!

Daughters Club Bilitis screen'Daughters of Club Bilitis', the name refers to the first American lesbian organization launched in 1955, was aired last Sunday on KBS. It was the first time that a TV channel decided to program a series on lesbians.

Several episodes were planned but considering the public's reaction after only the first episode, the channel decided to stop the broadcasting.

On the series' forum, we could read anti-gay remarks as "this will negatively influence the youth" and "this drama has crime against humanity",…

Yet gay fictions were already broadcasted on television in the country but they were fictions so that had not shocked.

This series does not have yet anything of shocking. It tells the story of 3 lesbian couples representing various generations: 50-year-old Choi Ran and Choi Hyang Ja, 30-year-old career women Han Go Eun and Oh Jung and high school students Jin Yeon and Ahn Ji Hyu.

Did you watch the series?

Unfortunately, all this annoyance will have resulted in deprivation of a project which I think would have interested a lot of lesbian in South Korea. KBS had planned to continue the broadcasting of this series on its website but they had to give up so we just have the trailer in Korean:

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