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The L word Cast Reunion: Ilene Chaiken Regrets Dana's Death

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With the release of The L word: The Complete series in DVD, one have a bonus in which Ilene Chaiken announces her biggest regret! What a surprise, it's about Dana's death!

Ilene regrets to have killed the character of Dana. It is not a surprise since she had already said it on several occasions in interviews but she never really express this regret until now and we have the video:

I love the answer of Jennifer Beals, after Ilene said: "The one thing that I most regret on the show is Dana’s death. The reaction was so passionate and the grief was so deeply felt and to have be responsible for causing that kind of grief just is hard to live with."

Jennifer says: "Can I say that it was just like hearing God apologize for taking one of your friends too early? It was really nice to hear."

Apparently, there is not just the fans who were waiting.

Afterwards, of course, it is not the only thing she should regret. She does not say anything about this pitiful season 6 that she and her team quite simply skimped on as actresses of the show said.

Whatever, it is nice to see the cast again, the good old day bringing some nostalgia. Years ago, on TV, there was a show written and produced by lesbians with a almost-100%-lesbian-and-bi cast.

Even if season 4 and 5 were season of quality, how to forget that it missed somebody?
So do these apologies on Dana's death satisfy you? It is a fact, I don't like Ilene Chaiken so personally, I don't care!

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