Thursday, 26 January 2012 16:26

Bill Allowing Gay And Lesbian Couples To Adopt in Utah Will Be Introduced

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A new bill which would allow gay and lesbian couples to be able to adopt without being inevitably married will be launched in Utah.

"Some people may not want to marry or some people may not be able to marry, so this could apply with equal force if they were sisters," says Senator Ross Romero. For example, "one sister moved in with another sister and one of the sisters from a previous marriage had a child. They could not legally marry."

It is not the first time this bill is presented but it had not been adopted the first time so why will it pass this time? Let's be honest, that will be difficult, Utah is not a pro-LGBT state but this law is not just about gay and lesbian couples. 

As Fox13 NewsFox13 News wrote, Romero is not convinced it will pass this year, he says it is important to keep the dialog going and believes one day it will pass.