Thursday, 05 April 2012 21:19

Cypress Ranch High School Says NO To Bullying

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 Cypress anti bullying video

Several videos of students were created to fight against bullying in schools but it is the first time that an anti-discrimination video is created by the whole high school.

Cypress Ranch High School, TX is a video of quality with a song sings by one of the student, Kaitlin, in which we can see all the students saying NO to bullying.

On their YoutubeYoutube page, we can in particular read: "We'd love this video to help make a difference and to enforce that we, the students, the teens, want bullying to stop!"

'Who Do You Think U R?' was nominated to the NO BULL Teen Video Awards, contest which is opened until April 15th. Don't hesitate to vote for your best videos: NO BULL Teen AwardsNO BULL Teen Awards.