Friday, 24 February 2012 22:04

Gay Marriage On The November Ballot In Maine

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One often read about opposents who collect signatures in order to overturn laws giving us more rights but they are not the only ones being able to do it. In Maine, the Secretary of State checked some signatures confirming that the gay marriage legalization to place a Citizens’ Initiative will be on the November ballot.

In 2009, gay marriage was legalized in Maine but six months later, it was repealed.

During two years, a coalition of LGBT organizations as EqualityMaineEqualityMaine talked with Mainers and, after only one day, 5,000 signatures were already collected.

The "couples of the same sex want to marry for the same reasons that other couples want to marry: because they like and want to pass their lives together," said Betsy Smith, executive director of EqualityMaine.

57,277 signatures were needed, more than 105,000 signatures were gathered. The Secretary of State recently said he had checked 85,216 of them what means gay marriage is back in Maine.

Pastor Michael Gray of Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church and the citizens initiative’s lead signer said that his "own thinking has evolved on this issue" and that "more and more people in Maine are coming to understand that loving, committed same-sex couples should not be denied the freedom to marry."