Thursday, 01 March 2012 17:31

Lesbian Mayor Asks President Obama To Evolve Faster On Gay Marriage

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Annise Parker

Openly lesbian Houston mayor, Annise Parker, asks President Obama "to evolve a little bit faster" on gay marriage.

President Obama always says he evolves on the gay marriage issue.

According to the HuffingtonPostHuffingtonPost, Houston mayor recently said President Obama needs to evolve "faster" on marriage equality and also wants the Democratic National Committee to include marriage equality in the platform hammered out at the party's convention this year:

"I think it should [include marriage equality], period, end of sentence," she said. "But it sort of goes to the conversation we just had about President Obama -- he needs to evolve faster, he needs to know where his base is. But if he doesn’t get there, and if the party platform doesn’t get there, I'm a pragmatist and I look at the alternative. Let us not go to the Democratic convention and rip each other up as Democrats because we’re not getting to the right result fast enough. Let’s try to move people along as far as we can, and then join ranks. Please, Rick Santorum? Newt Gingrich? That’s truly scary. Mitt Romney -- not a good choice."