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Monday, 02 April 2012 18:14

Prop. 5 Advert Angers LGBTs In Alaska

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Following the vote of a law prohibiting any discriminations based on sexual orientation whose vote will take place in Anchorage, Alaska tomorrow, a fucking advertising video against the adoption of this law called Prop. 5, was aired on TV.

According to Huffingtonpost, the "Daycare" clip shows a cartoon "transvestite" applying for a gig at a daycare center. "If [the daycare center's owner] hires her, she risks losing customers," the narrator announces. "And if she refuses, she can be fined or imprisoned."

The ad then concludes, "Anchorage is already a tolerant city. Vote no on Proposition 5."

"The ads opposing Proposition 5 depict unacceptably offensive and intentionally stigmatizing and distorted cartoons of gay and transgender individuals," Tony Knowles told Alaska Dispatch. "Such dehumanizing stereotypes do not represent the values we share as a community."


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