Thursday, 02 February 2012 17:55

Teen Fights Bullying In Her School With Positive Post-It Notes

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sammantha ashley

Samantha Bremmer, an eighth-grade student, fights against bullying in her school by posting positive messages.

Whereas her friends were enjoying their winter break, Samantha preferred to spend her time writing positive messages, 820 post-it notes, that she then put on students lockers of her school, Mill Creek Middle School in Michigan, helped at the end by one of her friends Ashley Sobczak.

Dexter-Patch reports that Samantha had the idea after she watched numerous videos focused on anti-bullying.

"I just thought of it out of the blue after watching videos of so many people saying mean things to others," she explained. "Some people need encouragement to get through the day, and I thought it would be nice to leave a positive comment for everyone."

Samantha added she wants her project pushes students to respect others. 

"Our message is clear: Have a good day, don't let people judge you, and don't let others hurt you," she said.

She is now on of the list of the Huffington Post's "Greatest People."



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