Tuesday, 24 April 2012 16:15

Two Ads To Show Consequences Of Amendment One In North Carolina

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amendment 1 ad

Two new ads try to show to the population of North Carolina that to reject gay marriage would be a bad thing for their children, for straight women and straight unmarried couples.

These two commercials urge North Carolinians to reject the amendment one which would prohibit gay marriage in the consitution of the state.

They focus on the fact that children raised by a single mother or father would lose their health insurance, we also can see a woman who was beaten by her ex-husband and who could lose protection order.

The vote will take place on May 8th. A recent survey showed that 58% voters favoured this amendment even if 51% think LGBT couples should be recognized legally.

Apparently, the voters of North Carolina did not really understand all the consequences of this amendment because the victims will be LGBT couples but also all the straight unmarried couples and all the children of single parents.