Saturday, 04 February 2012 02:30

Virginia Senate Subcommittee Passed Anti-Gay Adoption Bill

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A bill concerning the adoption, qualified as anti-gay, has just been passed by a subcommittee of the senate in Virginia.

This bill would allow a kind of "conscience clause" that adoption agencies could use to refuse adoptions or foster care placements.

Senator Adam Ebbin, openly gay, said that although the words 'sexual orientation' or 'gay' and 'lesbian' are not in this bill, lawmakers clearly understand that it’s aimed at justifying the denial of adoptions or foster child placements for gay and lesbian people.

"This would put into the law that they can be turned away," Ebbin said. "The issue is simple –whether or not state dollars should be used or taxpayers’ funds should be used to fund discrimination in adoption and foster care."

It is a disaster in Virginia since the 2011 November elections, since the senate became republican.




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