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Generation L: The New Lesbian Reality Web Series First Episode

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Generation L is the new series which has just started on the web. In the form of reality, we follow a group of friends during the Mardi Gras of Sydney.

It is currently kind of fashion to make a lesbian reality tv series, after Ilene Chaiken and its pitiful The Real L Word, here is Generation L from Australia and fortunately, this one is much more interesting and promises good moments if it is developed.

The characteristic of Generation L is that there is neither scenario, nor fiction so we feel more reality in the way in which the story is showed. This is a group of friends (true friends) followed by a camera during the Gay Mardi Gras Parade of Sydney. This new series is described as being a show "which makes you come into the lives and the rooms of a new generation of lesbians". Not so bad don't you think?

So who are these girls?

There are Renee, the dater one who likes to have fun, Yas, the super make-up and fem one, Kate, which likes "to convert" straight girls, Prue, the happy single person,...

I let to you discover them with this video:

The web series was created in partnership with Freehand Productions, a company which produces programs for TV. Although currently diffused on Internet (the first episodes were put online last week), Generation L could pass on the Australian TV if it creates the buzz on internet.

Episode 1

We will broadcast all the episodes on Lezbelib, stay tuned !!!

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