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Are You Ready To Stand 2 Pee?

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How much time you were in a situation in which you would have like to know how to pee standing up?

Perhaps you simply wondered why was there no bushes? And if somebody sees me? Oh my god, that's so disgusting! Or who invented these kind of restroom? ,…

We all have this kind of questions at least once in our life but women grow up believing they cannot stand to pee like men. That's false!

Some among you were perhaps already in the middle of the desert and ...


... rather difficult for a certain intimacy.

More seriously, how many already saw that?


Imagine now you can stand to pee. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Thanks to Stacy Kwan, an expert in teaching women the ability to pee standing up, and her "Stand2Pee Instructional DVD for Women", you can learn how to stand 2 pee without the aid of funnels or urinary devices like this one:


(The Shenis: 12" long, super for transport, don't even imagine to take a plane with that, it is almost a nightstick.)

In the DVD, we follow two women eager to learn how to pee standing up with various phases in order to understand how it works and to improve the technique. At the end, we can even go to pee in a urinal.

stand2pee urinal

If you are interested to learn this technique, do not hesitate to buy the DVD or download the video by the website I tested it and I can tell you that's works and it is rather relaxing to know the technique.

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