The Vatican and Pope Francis banned an International Women's Day event due to lesbian and pro-LGBTQ speakers
During International Women's Day, a group of Catholic women had planned a conference with pro-LGBTQ speakers in the Vatican. But the event had to be held elsewhere. Pope Francis also canceled his mass.
Georgia Senate approved anti-LGBT adoption bill
The Georgia Senate has passed a bill that would allow foster and adoption agencies to reject applications from LGBT parents.
Former lesbian pastor enters the race to become governor of Arizona
Know that a former lesbian pastor is also running to become the new governor of Arizona.
Conversion therapies
Conversion therapies
The New Hampshire House of Legislators has approved the conversion therapies ban for LGBT minors.
A few years ago, the owner of a bed & breakfast discriminated a lesbian couple. The court of appeals ruled against the discrimination they suffered.
More protections
More protections
The county of Bexar, Texas will allow protections for LGBT employees and job seekers.
'Parody marriage'
'Parody marriage'
What does that mean?
Transgender inmate
Transgender inmate
A transgender prisoner won her fight for the right to live her femininity.

Most Popular - Melonie Diaz to play the lesbian sister in the Charmed reboot

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The new season of "One Day At A Time" features a non-binary character. Indeed, we were able to meet Syd in episode 3 of season 2.

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Queer Movie

"Tully" premiered at Sundance last week and what a surprise! The lead character is a bisexual mom played by Charlize Theron.

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ClexaCon, the largest convention for LGBTQ+ women and allies, returns to Las Vegas for a second year!
Returning to Sin City for the second consecutive year, ClexaCon is a unique kind of media and entertainment convention for LGBTQ+ women and allies.
The Lez Review: "Recombinant Love" by K'Anne Meinel
Here is a new book that I suggest you discover: "Recombinant Love" by K'Anne Meinel.
Suzanne Westenhoefer and Dana Goldberg take over The Dinah for a night of must see comedy
Get ready for some ridiculously comedy with two of the most acclaimed lesbian stand up comedians: Suzanne Westenhoefer and Dana Goldberg.
The Dinah
Queer drama
The film follows a lesbian musician in her disappointments in love.
Susan Surftone released “2nd To One” - A take-off on Elvis Presley's collection of great B-sides
Surf guitarists/singer/songwriter Susan Surftone released her brand new EP “2nd To One” February 6, 2018.
"One Day At A Time" features a non-binary character!
The new season of "One Day At A Time" features a non-binary character.


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