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Thursday, 19 December 2013 00:22

"Butch", A Photo Book By Kanithea Powell That Offers A Fresh Look At Butches

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butch book cover

«Butch», it's the title of the book, explores the lesbian identity and the issue of women who identify as butch.

Kanithea Powell

Award-winning filmmaker Kanithea Powell (pictured left) who is also butch wanted to show the true face of butch women and bring a new look at them.

«I wanted to create something that moved people to conversation,» Powell told The Huffington Post.

«People talk all the time about how a butch woman is 'supposed' to dress and look. Well, these aren't your typical flannel, mullet having, boot-wearing butches. This book forces you to rip the blinders off your eyes and look around and see how things are changing.

«Life is about creating who you are. I hope that the people who experience «butch» are inspired to step out of their box, collapse the box, take a knife to it and live more freely,» she added.

butch photo book 1

butch photo book 2You can buy the photo book "Butch" for $40 here:


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