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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 15:28

Dak' Art 2014: The Queer Part Was Cancelled

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Dakart 2014


Last month, we were rather glad for our African friends when we had announced the organization of an exhibition on the LGBT community in Senegal. Unfortunately, not only the exhibition was cancelled by the Senegalese government, but moreover, some fundamentalists vandalized it.

Dak' Art 2014 was indeed to be queer this year proposing exhibitions on the LGBTQ community of Africa as varied as interesting, with photo projects, videos speaking about lesbians and bisexual women from Egypt, transgenders from Alger to India, …

The government, knowing that this exhibition was going to be this year centered on homosexuality in Africa, initially did not react, even if, already, religious groups had required of it to close the exhibition.

What truly led to the prohibition of this exhibition? Muslims fundamentalists.

The vice-president of the Islamic organization Jamra, Mame Mactar Guèye, required in a radio message, as reports, the closing of a “propaganda support for the unnatural unions.”

He said: “This event, supposed to promote our culture, proves to be a propaganda support for the unnatural unions. It is thus undeniable that this edition of Dak' Art is an assault against our moralities and our laws. ”

The government then hastened to make close the exhibition.

Photo credit: Creativeafricanetwork


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