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Monday, 23 May 2016 21:38

Faced With Injustice, Photos Can Be More Powerful Than Words

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 jody meme


Sometimes a picture can send a much stronger message, can start discussions and change attitudes more than words. This is what happened with pictures of Jody Taylor, Meg Bitton and Corey Maison put online to fight against laws opposing access to the restrooms by gender and not by sex assigned at birth.

JT and Ryland

First, Jody created a meme without suspecting for a moment that it would have the success he has had, since tens of thousands of people have shared it on Facebook.

Jody has published the meme in response to a family friend who was beginning to worry about the safety of his children, because trans* people have access to restrooms, based on the arguments mentioned in particular by Republicans, the "child-predators-might-dress-as-a-woman-and-go-to-the-bathroom-to-get-closer-to-their-victims" argument.

The first day, Jody did not realize the impact of her photo as she told me. It was only the next day, she realized that the meme was liked 11,000 times and shared 30,000.

Many transgender people thanked her for her support, but not only, many straight people were also involved in the discussion, sometimes realizing their mistake face these laws. Straight people have also thanked to remind them to protect their children not against transgender people in the restrooms but in general.

This is not the first time that Jody supports the trans community. She admits that she was not necessarily interested in trans rights until, in 2014, she met Ryland Whittington, a trans child and his parents (second picture) and she truly understood why it is so important to stand up for our trans youth and trans community. She then began to fight alongside them when the LGBT group of her former high school informed her two trans student had committed suicide. This high school where she was bullied because other students suspected her of being gay 25 years earlier.

Through her photo/meme, Jody has also wished to remind people that transgender people have the right to the same consideration, to the same respect as anyone.

Photographer Meg Bitton, along with trans model Corey Maison, also wanted to share another message related to the law in North Carolina. They wanted to emphasize the impact on trans children, completely forgotten in this case.

Corey Maison meg bitton

Her photo of Corey is doing the rounds of social networks too. Its very clear legend provoked discussion like Jody's meme. One can thus read in photo caption the following question: "If this was YOUR daughter, would you be comfortable sending her into a men's bathroom?"

Remember that North Carolina's transphobic bathroom bill called HB2 not only prohibits access to bathrooms to transgender people based on their gender, forcing them to have to use the restroom which corresponds to their birth sex, but this law prohibits the LGBTQ community as a whole to benefit from additional protection, no new protection bills can be introduced in the state.

Feel free to continue what Jody, Meg and Corey started, share their photos, people must know the truth.

Jody's meme is just right here:


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