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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 16:26

In Collaboration With Isabelle Van Rolleghem And Susan Matthews, Laurel Holloman Combines The Pleasures Of Wine With The Love Of Art Through "L'Interpretation"

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The openly bisexual actress Laurel Holloman, we all know for her role as Tina Kennard in «The L Word», continues her career as a painter and the success is measured up to her talent: huge!

After several exhibitions around the world, she has won the Banco Ciudad Best Overall during The Contemporary Art Biennale of Argentina in 2014, Holloman launches into wine and introduces «L'Interpretation».


Isabelle van Rolleghem and Susan Matthews have taken passion for the cultivation of the vine and French wine gourmet after a visit to the Languedoc region. They started to grow their own vines in 2006 in a small village called Saint-Pargoire.

As stated on their website, they decided to create their own range of wines by selecting and blending the best vintages produced in the Languedoc terroir.

Then Van Rolleghem met Holloman in 2011 and the idea of mixing the pleasure of wine and the love of art then emerged.

Thus, we find the paintings of Holloman as labels on the bottles. The rendering is really beautiful! The Holloman's paintings really push the wine forward and vice versa, as you can see in the photo.

It is possible to order bottles from the Interpretation directly on the website:

For more information about Laurel Holloman visit her site or her twitter: / @LaurelLHolloman

Laurel Holloman is currently working for a new exhibition to be held in London on November 16.

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