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Thursday, 23 June 2016 23:18

Lesbian Artist And Poet Staceyann Chin Is On A Play Entitled "MotherStruck!"

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The lesbian artist and poet of many cultural backgrounds, between the Caribbean and Asia, Staceyann Chin, will be on a new play called "MotherStruck!" whose representations will be held through July 17 in Chicago.

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Written and performed by Staceyann Chin, "MotherStruck!" is a piece that has already been played in New York under the direction of lesbian actress Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City). The play is an autobiography that actually tells the story of Chin. Freshly arrived from Jamaica where it was a bit complicated for her to truly live in freedom her life lesbian, Chin moved and built her life in Brooklyn, New York. "MotherStruck!", as the title implies, focuses on parenting. Thus Chin returns to the wacky world of artificial insemination. She then recounts the challenges of the early years as a mother  and as a single woman, lesbian and activist who does not have health insurance or a "serious, stable financial set up."

Chin's performance is very convincing here which will allow everyone to find themselves in her story. The piece is as political as funny too. This piece also conveys values including the concept of making life better for the next generation and is about personal happiness.

If you are traveling to Chicago, do not miss going to see "MotherStruck!" that will be played at the Green House Theater Center through July 17. Tickets are for sale on for $34 to $48.

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