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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 23:13

Queer Exhibition "Through The Lens Of Desire" By Out Artist Kris Sanford

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kris sanford


"Through The Lens Of Desire" is a photographic exhibition created by out artist Kris Sanford which suggests queer stories through photos of the twentieth century.

Through The Lens Of Desire kris sanford

I refer to suggestion because, as you can see from the photos, there are two people of the same-sex, but there is a good chance that they were not queer. This exhibition is like a book that would tell a fictional story. Here Kris wanted to suggest a queer visual history through a photographic series with photos from 1920 to 1950. She puts forward gestures, movements of two people of the same-sex, suggesting a relationship.

"Relationships, real or imagined, are at the center of this work. Growing up queer, I searched for a history that spoke to me—included me. In my family history, there were no couples that mirrored my own intimate relationships. That didn’t keep me from imagining such couples," Sanford explains.

The idea for this exhibition came to her from a photo she found in a box of her grandmother. This photo depicts two women dressed in men for a party. These two women looked so queer that Kris has embarked on a search for the same impression, that same sensation with other images.

It is the result of the work that Kris invites you to discover in her exhibition "Through The Lens Of Desire".

The approach of Kris is very interesting since it leaves from the imagination. Everyone can invent the story of these people photographed by visiting the exhibition.

Flowered Dresses kris sanford

Visit the official website of Kris Sanford here for upcoming events:

She is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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