Wednesday, 23 February 2011 15:15

5 Years Of Prison For Lesbians In Malawi

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In Malawi, the things are going worst for lesbians.

President Bingu Wa Mutharika has condemned lesbians to 5 years of prison. This new law is there to repair a discrimination in the repression.

What means this law?

In Malawi, any lesbian is now out the law.

“Any woman who, in public or private, makes an act of coarse indecency with another woman [...] will be guilty of an infringement and will risk five years of prison”.

Various personalities and organizations, of course, protested to require that the President doesn't sign this law, such as Markus Löning, commissioner in the federal government for the human rights which said: “I exhort the president [...] not to sign this law and with rather honouring his commitment to work with the decriminalisation of homosexuality in his country”.

But nothing stop it and the law passed as I said to repair a discrimination because, previously, only gay men were condemned to 14 years of prison. Minister for Justice and the Constitutional deals, Dr. George Chaponda, explained that the article 137A was intended to repair an injustice, “women can also make indecent acts”…

In spite of the financial pressures from the Germany and the United-States, it seems that the government of Malawi will not change anything. “We are not ready to change the laws to satisfy the givers”, Dr. George Chaponda concluded.