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Thursday, 08 October 2015 16:41

A Fijian Indian Lesbian Obtains The Right To Stay With Her Wife In New Zealand

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Originally from Fiji, this 30-year-old woman, whose name is not known, met love in New Zealand. Soon she married. Immigration has, at first, found this suspicious, especially since she had been turned down for a work visa. The couple appealed the decision, claiming to be together since 2010. And this new application has been accepted this time. The immigration court has understood that the couple could not live without fear in Fiji.

As reported RadioNZRadioNZ, the Fijian Indian woman feared being physically abused if family and friends found out about the relationship.

«The appellant has not declared her relationship to her family in Fiji. She describes them as typical villagers and very religious.

«They have little knowledge of same-sex relationships which are not acceptable in Indian culture so they would be heavily critical and ashamed.

«She fears that their shame could be so extreme that they might even contemplate suicide.

«If she was in Fiji and the family knew of the true situation, she expects that they would treat her badly,» the immigration court said, before concluding: «the Tribunal has reviewed all of the available evidence and accepts that the relationship has been in existence for some years.»


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