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Thursday, 01 August 2013 22:37

A Lesbian Couple From Kerala Found Refuge In Bangalore After Receiving Threats From Their Families

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Two lesbians native of Kerala, a state in south-west India, have found refuge in Bangalore, a city in another state, to freely live their love with the help of Sangama, an NGO fighting and supporting the cause of sexual minorities.

A few days later, the father of one of the two women went to the police claiming that her daughter had been abducted by a lesbian. Police then besieged the NGO's headquarters trying to find the two women, but fortunately without success.

In a press conference in Bangalore, one of the two women said: «We are not only close to each other, but also want to live together in the future. We have attained the age of 21 and are independent and mature enough to choose the way we want to live.»

«My parents have filed a complaint of kidnapping against my friend. Fearing that our parents may take drastic measures, we came to Bangalore seeking Sangama's help,» she explained.

As reported by the Daily Bhaskar, the girls continue to receive threatening phonecalls from their families.

For information, the two women are legally entitled to live together because the law says that anyone who has attained the age of majority can choose her partner with whom she wants to live.


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