Tuesday, 04 September 2018 23:30

A queer woman has launched a challenge against Hong Kong's government to get civil unions

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MK, a queer woman, filed a complaint to open civil unions to same-sex couples in Hong Kong.

MK decided to sue the government after it denied her the right to enter into a civil union with her girlfriend. It said that such partnerships are unconstitutional.

According to the South China Morning Post, the woman argues that it violates her rights to privacy and equality granted by the city's Bill of Rights.

“We want legal status for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation,” said Ng Gene-bond, Mk's attorney.

Out lawmaker Raymond Chan Chi-chuen explained, “It is a direct challenge to the whole system. The government has no way to escape from studying all levels of policies [on treating same-sex partners] in the process.”

The litigation will involve the participation of the 13 government departments of Hong Kong.

Michael Vidler, a lawyer who has defended many cases for the LGBT community, warned that if this challenge fails, it will set a very bad precedent that will take years to overcome. It could also reinforce the discrimination of same-sex couples in Asia.