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Thursday, 02 April 2015 15:25

A Taiwanese Court Said Adoption By Same-Sex Couples Has A "Negative Impact" On Children

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Wang wanted to adopt the children she had with her partner Chou, but the Taiwanese law stipulates that a partner in an unmarried couple cannot adopt the child of the other partner. Only in the case of Wang and Chou, marriage would not be a problem if it was not illegal.

The worst part of it is not so much that they lost the case, although of course we would have liked a win, no the worst of it is the court that said the adoption would have a «negative impact» on children.

«There are many objections against homosexual couples adopting children,» the ruling said. «If the adoption is recognized, the young children will be placed on the frontline of the issue and face pressure from the outside, which could have a negative impact on their physical and psychological developments.»

Except that it is quite the opposite, it is rather those judges who come to have a negative impact on the family.

«I have a healthy family and the children are happy. I do not understand what the «negative impact» would be,» Wang told reporters outside the Shilin District Court. «I was there from the beginning when the kids were still eggs and I have taken care of them like any other parent.»

A bill to legalize marriage equality was sent to Parliament in 2013. Since then, no news!

Photo credits: Chin Jen-hao, Taipei Times


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