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Friday, 28 August 2015 16:59

After Years Of Opposition, Former Prime Minister Of Australia Julia Gillard Supports The Equal Marriage

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Julia Gillard




There is anger in Australia where, surprising as it may be, the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has officially supported marriage equality.

Indeed, learning that this morning, I first thought it was a joke, but no, the one that prevented the LGBT community can access the right to marry in recent years, the one that supported «tradition», quoting the Bible to oppose the equal marriage, the one that had voted NO in Parliament when introducing a bill to legalize it, that today the Australian LGBT community still has no access to this right, just change her mind.

Gillard made this statement during a speech stating that if the opportunity was offered to her, she would vote today in favor of equal marriage.

This announcement immediately angered supporters of equal marriage while still offering some hope. If Gillard supports it, why not others.

«We urge other political leaders not to wait until it is too late for them to show leadership in parliament, as Ms Gillard has done,» Australian Marriage Equality director Rodney Croome said in a statement.

By cons, she is opposed to the plebiscite and would like the question about the equal marriage to be settled in parliament with a conscience vote.


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