Tuesday, 01 March 2011 01:22

Anti-Gay Website Closed

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Last week, I spoke about a website which blamed gays and lesbians to be responsible for the earthquake in New Zealand. Good news, the site was closed.

They were all so happy, the members of the Baptist church of Westboro and the creators of the website ChristchurchQuake, when we spoke about them following the hack of their website by Anonymous boasting that this attack had brought to them more publicity as everyone diffused the news.

But there is just a small detail that they did not pay attention to: information in the LGBT community can be shared very quickly internationally.

Yes all the medias, and especially LGBT medias like us, spoke about this site but finishing by: "The website is hosted by Utah-based company Bluehost.com, who can be contacted at abuse@bluehost.com."

And what happened?

The readers of these news sent so much complaints that, as a result, Bluehost, the web hosting company, quite simply decided to close the website.

Good job!