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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 23:43

Argentina Catholic Church Accepted To Baptize The Baby Of A Lesbian Couple

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Argentina church


In Argentina, a lesbian couple obtained the right to make baptize their baby by the Catholic Church. The president Cristina Fernandez became the godmother besides.

Even if it is a country where the religion holds a great place, Argentina legalized marriage equality in 2010.

In front of the competition of the Protestant and Evangelic Churches, the Catholic Church of Argentina was ready to make concessions. Thus Priest Carlos Varas agreed to baptize Uma, whose parents are a lesbian couple, Carina Villaroel and Soledad Ortiz.

"Father Varas told us he had been waiting for a couple like us, a gay one, and we happened to come and he accepted us," said Villaroel. "There's really been a social change for Catholicism to have said yes to baptizing a child from a lesbian family."

It is true that Pope Francis, who comes from Argentina, had said that all the children could be baptized but he had not specified if a child with same-gender parents would have also this right. The Vatican is still extremely opposed to the equal marriage and even more to the fact that the same-gender people can have a child.

"While my wife and I aren't practicing Catholics, we think our daughter deserves to be baptized," Villaroel told local paper La Nacion. "We asked the president to be Uma's godmother, because it's a way of thanking her and former president Nestor Kirchner for this law that gave us rights."

As Reuters reports, according to Argentine tradition, the president is named the godparent of any seventh male child. President Fernandez allowed to also include the seventh female child.

But even if Fernandez is the godmother of Uma, she did not attend the baptism, only a representative came.


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