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Thursday, 14 September 2017 17:34

Australia: Reverend Holland would like to have religious freedom to celebrate same-sex weddings

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Reverend Holland


In Australia, the debate on marriage equality continues pending the results of the plebiscite. Religious freedom is also a matter of great concern in this country. While the latter is often spoken of in a negative way, Reverend Ric Holland would like to have the religious freedom to celebrate same-sex weddings.

Indeed, Reverend Holland from the St Michael’s Uniting Church in Melbourne would like to be the first to marry same-sex couples.

He even said he campaigned with his parishioners to vote in favor of equal marriage.

He also installed a large rainbow sign to support marriage equality outside the church.

"I want St Michael's to be the first church to legally marry same-sex couples in Australia," he said.

"Marriage equality is important as it is simply natural justice for all people to be treated equally. The Church in Australia should be standing up for this human right loud and clear.

"The discrimination and marginalization experienced by the LGBTI population increase the risk of developing mental health issues and encourages community division.

"It is the churches' task to stand up for people who are marginalized; to be constructive rather than destructive and to break down barriers rather than build walls."

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